Mostly compatible with 8.1 / 6+


Makes your device scream when it's dropped... Or yell at you after the drop.

By downloading this tweak, you claim responsibility for any issues that arise from it. The full license is available on GitHub.

1.7 Tweak disables when device is in silent (thanks Ryan Pendleton!). Added sensitivity settings.

1.6.2 Added this page in the control file. That's it, bub

1.6 Added sound previewing in preference pane. Made a quick icon

1.5 Added preference pane, selectable sounds (+custom ones) and an after-fall sound

1.2 Stopped the sound from repeating

1.1 Fixed bugs, now it actually detects freefall

1.0 Initial release

Custom sounds
To add custom sounds, just place the sounds in /Library/FreeFall and select them in Settings -> FreeFall. Simple enough?