Currently in beta - iOS7 & iOS8

StatusVol Lite 2

StatusVol how it should have been. This tweak creates it's own notification center-like "HUD" to provide volume indicators and gets rid of the HUD views altogether.

Mostly stable on a wide range of devices.

0.7.5 Hotfix for "AppButton bug"

0.7 Dynamic Colors unlocked

0.5.8 Glitchy stickyness fixed

0.5.7 Fixes hiding issues (including hide interrupts)

0.5.5 More options, better color choices, cleanup...

0.5 New icons, restructured settings, name... All good stuff

0.4.1 Blurried iOS7 support

0.4 Preliminary iOS7 support

0.3.9 Displays on lockscreen (window set as secure). Volume doesn't adjust though.

0.3.8 Just preference icons

0.3.7 More options: hide icons, animation duration, sticky duration

0.3.5 Initial preference support - Invert colors & square support

0.3.3 Made window appear above Notification Center

0.3.2 Fixed full-screen app clipping issues

0.3.0 Icons, better system volume support and vibrate on silent

0.2.8 Now supports system volumes as well

0.2.7 Initial silent mode support + semi-fixes black box on rotation

0.2.5 Rotation support

0.2.0 Now uses a custom window.

0.1.0 Inital public release